3.1101.2 Interior Holes and Penetrations

Manufactured Housing Walls
Desired Outcome: 
Penetrations sealed to minimize air leakage and moisture movement between unconditioned and conditioned space; all repairs will maintain structural integrity
Work assessment

Installer prework assessment will be conducted to determine:

  • Structural integrity
  • Size of wall stud
  • Insect infestation
  • Accessibility
  • Number, type, size, and location of penetrations

Ensure work space is safe and ready for air sealing

Verify scope of work

Interior wall air sealing

All accessible holes and penetrations in top and bottom plates will be sealed

Backing or infill will be provided as needed to meet the specific characteristics of the selected sealant and the characteristics of the penetration

Minimize air leakage

Maintain durability

Ensure resulting closure is permanent and supports expected wind and mechanical pressure loads

Ensure sealant is effective and durable


Like material and/or compatible materials will be used for repairs

Materials will be selected to comply with manufactured housing rules and regulations (e.g., Manufactured Housing Institute)

Select materials to ensure durable and permanent repair