3.1201.8 Repair, Maintenance, and Weather Stripping of Doors

Windows and Doors
Maintenance, Repair, and Sealing
Desired Outcome: 
Doors operable, airtight, and weathertight
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Worker safety

All worker safety specifications will be in accordance with SWS 2.0100.3 Worker Safety

Ensure worker safety, especially in regard to fall protection considerations and contaminants found in demolition, such as asbestos, lead, polychlorinated biphenyls, etc.

Occupant safety

Occupant will be notified of changes or repairs to be made

An occupant safety plan will be prepared and implemented

Occupant will be notified of how to properly operate the door system

Ensure occupant safety


Door system will be inspected for air and water leakage, warping, stability, holes, proper hardware operation, proper operation, and security; if the items cannot be repaired, the door will be recommended for replacement

Determine the scope of door system repair

Door operation and fit

Door will be adjusted or repaired to properly fit the jamb and allow for ease of operation (e.g., hardware adjustment and/or replacement, re-plane door)

Ensure proper operation of the door system

Sealant selection

Sealants will be compatible with their intended surfaces and applied in accordance with manufacturer specifications

Selection will be durable, pest resistant, and have a weather-appropriate seal

Indoor sealants will be low volatile organic compound ( VOC VOC Volatile organic compound ) products that meet independent testing and verification protocols, such as Green Seal GS-36, "GREENGUARD Children and Schools," or comparable certifications

Fire-resistance-rated assemblies will be provided with sealants permitted by the authority having jurisdiction and adopted building code

Prevent intrusion of moisture and pests into the sealed assembly

Prevent exposing workers or occupants to excessive VOC VOC Volatile organic compound levels

Ensure sealant meets or exceeds the performance characteristics of the assembly and is compliant with local fire code requirements

Frame sealing

When the door trim/frame leaks at wall, the door trim/frame will be sealed to both the exterior and interior side of the wall

Door stop will be sealed to door frame

When the existing door frame has penetrations due to old hardware, the abandoned penetrations will be sealed

Door rail (bottom) and threshold will be adjusted and sealed to ensure tight but operable fit

Ensure the door trim/frame is airtight and watertight

Weather stripping

All weather stripping will be an effective air barrier Air barrier The separation between the interior and exterior environments of a building that slows air flow to the point that no smoke movement is visible at 50 pascals of pressure difference across the boundary

Durable weather stripping material will be sized to span irregularities in the door/frame, as well as seasonal variations

For sliders and commercial door systems where weather stripping fits into an existing track, replacement weather strip will be sized to fit the original track and to span irregularities

Weather stripping will be installed around all four sides of the door

Mechanically installed weather stripping carrier will be sealed to surface

Door will be tested for ease of operation and airtightness after weather stripping is installed

Where doors are required to have a fire-resistance rating, all weather strips and sealants applied to the door will be compatible with the listing of the door

Identify appropriate weather stripping materials to make an airtight and watertight seal while maintaining the operation of the door

Ensure door is airtight to allow for seasonal variation

Ensure door operates properly after weather stripping is installed

Quality assurance

Door will be adjusted to properly fit the jamb, and allow for ease of operation and security

Door system will be tested for air leakage in accordance with ASTM ASTM ASTM International, www.astm.org E783-02 or ASTM ASTM ASTM International, www.astm.org E1186

Ensure proper operation of the door and hardware

Prevent air leakage through assembly