3.1602.10 Hard and Flex Branch Ducts

Duct Sealing
Desired Outcome: 
Deliver air from trunk to termination (register/diffuser) without leakage
Work assessment

Installer prework assessment will be conducted to determine:

  • Location
  • Connection types
  • Leakage points

Access holes will be created for the work done at each location

Verify scope of work

Gain access to duct connections

Reduce excess flex duct length

Excess flex duct will be removed between the takeoff at trunk and floor register boot

Improve air flow

Duct connection repairs

Hard and flex duct branch connections will be rebuilt or repaired using compatible materials and will be mechanically fastened and sealed

Ends will be sealed

Ensure lasting durable connections

Minimize air leakage

Maximize air flow and distribution

Repair work access

Access hole in the trunk/branch duct will be repaired and sealed

Insulation will be reinstalled

Bottom liner/belly will be repaired

Repair work access

Minimize heat transfer

Combustion Appliance Zone ( CAZ CAZ Combustion appliance zone ) testing

CAZ CAZ Combustion appliance zone testing will be performed where combustion appliances are utilized

Identify unsafe equipment operating conditions

Performance testing

Pre- and post-retrofit duct leakage will be performance tested using a duct blaster or pressure pan, and results will be documented and reported to the homeowner and/or program

Document post-retrofit duct leakage test has been performed