3.1602.19 Dual Cooling Up Ducts—Low Rise

Duct Sealing
Desired Outcome: 
Up ducts sealed to prevent pressurization leakage
For supporting material, see Referenced Standards.
Backing and infill

Backing or infill will be provided as needed to meet the specific characteristics of the selected material and the characteristics of the up duct opening

A material will be rated for use in duct systems

The infill will not bend, sag, or move once installed

Minimize the hole size to ensure successful use of sealant

Ensure the closure is permanent and supports any pressure produced by wind or air handler fan

Ensure the sealant does not fall out

Sealant selection

Sealants will be compatible with their intended surfaces

Sealants will be continuous and meet class 1 specifications

Select permanent sealant

Ensure sealant meets or exceeds the performance characteristics of the surrounding materials