3.1602.23 Proprietary Spray Application—Mid and High Rise

Duct Sealing
Desired Outcome: 
Ducts and plenums are sealed to prevent leakage
For supporting material, see Referenced Standards.
Internal or external application

Installation of sealant will be applied in a way that meets manufacturer specifications, as well as UL UL Underwriters Laboratories 181M, NFPA NFPA National Fire Protection Association, www.nfpa.org 90A, and NFPA NFPA National Fire Protection Association, www.nfpa.org 90B

Reduce duct leakage


If specified, internally applied spray or aerosol sealing will only be applied after any manual sealing is complete

Installer will coordinate access to the ductwork in the affected dwelling units with the building/property management and specialized subcontractors

Installer will provide logistical support to subcontractors (e.g., mask duct terminations and openings, manually seal ducts, install flow orifices)

Sealants and sprays will be applied in accordance with manufacturer specifications by a qualified contractor

Eliminate air leakage into or out of ducts and plenums

Ensure occupant and worker safety

Provide proper sequence of duct improvements

Minimize inconvenience to occupants