4.1401.2 Band/Rim Joists – Insulation other than Spray Polyurethane Foam

Basements and Crawl Spaces
Band/Rim Joists
For supporting material, see Building America Solution Center.
Desired Outcome: 
Closed crawl spaces insulated to achieve best thermal performance possible
The rim joist, sill plate and adjacent surfaces will be sufficiently clean and free of debris to allow for the proper adhesion of any caulks, adhesives or spray foam used during installation. Prepare all surfaces for the installation of insulation
Insulation installation

A foam-based insulation will be installed so as to create a continuous thermal and pressure boundary or vinyl faced fiberglass batt insulation, installed tightly to the wood and sealed at all edges.  If rigid insulation is used, all edges will be sealed and the insulation will be installed tightly to the wood to prevent the movement of moisture throughout the assembly. Insulation will be installed in accordance with local/national code requirements and/or manufacturer’s instructions regarding flame spread 

Improve thermal performance

Prevent moisture condensation on the inside of the band joist
Onsite documentation
A dated receipt signed by the installer will be provided that includes:
  • Coverage area
  • Thickness
  • R-value
Document job completion to contract specifications

Confirm amount of insulation installed

Comply with 16 CFR 460.17