5.3102.18 Flue Gas Condensate Treatment—Condensing

Hydronic Heating (Hot Water and Steam)
Equipment Installation
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Desired Outcome: 
Safe management of flue gas condensate
Flue condensate drainage

All potential condensate collection (low) points in the flue system will be identified and adjusted to provide proper pitch as required by the manufacturer's requirements

All condensate piping will be pitched toward the drain (refer SWS 5.3102.2 Venting Sealed Combustion Appliance)

Remove all flue gas condensation

Ensure that all potential points of condensation collection are drained


Connections in condensate drain system will be watertight

Ensure condensate drain connections do not leak


When approved by the local jurisdiction, condensate drain pumps will be installed when condensate cannot be drained by gravity

Power source for pump will be installed

Operation and drainage of pump will be verified

Ensure condensate properly drains

Vents and traps

Vents and traps will be installed on condensate drain lines

Traps supplied with the equipment will be used in accordance with manufacturer specifications

Ensure condensate drain operates as designed

Ensure condensate trap does not leak air


Condensate drain will be terminated in accordance with local codes

Ensure condensate does not leak to the building

Ensure condensate drain does not freeze

Floor drains

Floor drains will be in working condition

Ensure proper drainage of the room

Neutralization kit

Boiler manufacturer-specified neutralization kit will be installed between the boiler and the drain in accordance with manufacturer specifications

Property manager/occupant will be educated on proper maintenance

Neutralized flue gas condensate before it is discharged into a drain

Increase durability of equipment

Piping material

Piping material, located between boiler and neutralization kit, will be capable of withstanding acidic environments

Piping material, located after neutralization kit and before floor drain, will be hard piped to withstand crushing and kinking

Ensure longevity of the piping

Protect piping


Completed work will be reviewed with the building/property management team and operations staff

Building/property management team and operations staff will be educated on the safe and efficient operation and maintenance requirements of the installed item

Ensure building/property management team and operations staff is informed of the safe, efficient operation and maintenance requirements of the installed item