5.3102.21 Steam Boiler Pressure Operating Controls (Steam)

Hydronic Heating (Hot Water and Steam)
Equipment Installation
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Desired Outcome: 
Optimize boiler efficiency and prevent short cycling

Controls specified for replacement will be confirmed

Correct installation of remaining existing controls will be confirmed

Current settings will be documented

Document status of existing controls


Existing installation will be corrected if:

  • Pressure control is mercury type, then the anti-siphon piping will be installed perpendicular to the control so that the pressure control stays level
  • Settings do not match specified scope of work

Ensure boiler operates at the lowest pressure

Reduce short cycling

Replacement of pressure control

Existing controls will be removed

All new pressure controls will be free of mercury

New control will be installed above the boiler water line in accordance with manufacturer specifications

New control will be set to pressure settings stated on scope of work

Ensure boiler operates at the lowest pressure

Reduce short cycling

Disposal of mercury-containing pressure control

Removed pressure control will be disposed of in accordance with EPA EPA U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, www.epa.gov guidelines

Prevent mercury from entering the environment


Pressure gauges will be checked for accuracy

Contractor will observe and confirm boiler operation over a minimum of three cycles

Safety control will be tested to ensure the burner shuts off at high limit

Ensure proper installation

Ensure proper and safe operation


Property manager will be educated on the operation and purpose of controls and settings

Ensure the proper use of controls

Maintain optimal pressure settings