5.3102.29 Gas Trains and Gas Boosters (Water and Steam)

Hydronic Heating (Hot Water and Steam)
Equipment Installation
Desired Outcome: 
Safe and optimal gas supply to all gas-fired equipment

Existing gas piping will provide appropriate pressure and supply rate for boilers per scope of work

Existing gas line will be leak free

Leaks will be repaired before proceeding

Adequacy of gas service will be confirmed

Gas pressure booster will be removed whenever possible

If a gas pressure booster is necessary, compatibility will be confirmed with the newly specified gas-fired equipment

Low and high gas pressure switches will be checked for proper operation

Ensure safe and proper gas supply to equipment

Gas valves

Gas valves will be removed and replaced in accordance with manufacturer specifications

Provide gas to burner when there is a call for heat

Control volume of gas for burner

Ensure the safe shut off of gas once heat is turned off


Gas train will be located/installed to not create a trip hazard or be damaged by water

Ensure worker safety

Ensure durability of equipment

New gas piping and pressure regulators

Gas pressure regulators requiring venting will be vented to the outdoors with a rigid pipe

Gas train components, pipe material, and pipe sizing will comply with all applicable codes or local ordinance

Deliver adequate gas pressure to boiler


For newly installed systems, gas train will be pressure-tested for leaks

For existing systems, gas train will be tested for leaks in accordance with local utility requirements

Gas pressure and supply rates will be tested to confirm they comply to specified scope of work and burner requirements

Ensure safe operating conditions


Building/property management team and operations staff will be educated on the operation of the high and low gas pressure switches, gas valve, gas pressure booster, and gas regulator

Building/property management team and operations staff will be educated on the indications of raw gas leaks

Ensure building/property management team and operations staff and occupant safety

Maintain proper operation of gas train