5.3102.30 Controls—Energy Management Systems

Hydronic Heating (Hot Water and Steam)
Equipment Installation
Desired Outcome: 
Install Energy Management Systems
Hazardous materials

Materials containing asbestos will be handled in accordance with SWS 2.0110.2 Potential Asbestos-Containing Materials

Hazardous materials will be handled in accordance with applicable local laws and codes before work begins

Ensure safe environment and work place

Assessment and verification

Verify site conditions to assess whether the specified control system is compatible with the systems it will monitor and manage

Existing electrical service will be verified for adequacy

If electrical service is inadequate, the engineer will be notified and will only proceed after the engineer's approval and guidance of proper actions

Determine if specified control can be installed at the site and is the correct control system for the site

Installation of an energy management system (EMS)

Control panel will be mounted at a safe location to prevent damage to the control panel from water and/or excessive heat

Location will be easily accessible and in close proximity of the door

At minimum, the following sensors will be installed (all sensor wiring will be in metal conduit; all conduits will be secured to wall or metal strut or other acceptable surfaces):

  • Outside air temperature sensor
  • Stack temperature
  • Domestic hot water supply water temperature sensor
  • Apartment space temperature (minimum 25% of the residential units)
  • Boiler water temperature sensor
  • New make-up water meter
  • Boiler pressure sensor (steam boiler only)

Outside air temperature sensor will be installed on the building exterior, 10 feet above grade, 4" away from the wall, on the north fa├žade, and in shade; the wall penetration made to run the conduit will be sealed airtight with fire-rated material in accordance with applicable codes; sensor will be wired to the control panel

Additional sensors and control points will be installed as required by the manufacturer to optimize system operation

Control panel will be mounted on the wall, and all connected sensors will be wired to the control panel in accordance with manufacturer specifications

Control panel will be energized, and all sensors will be checked for proper accuracy and communication

Ensure the control is installed to achieve optimized savings and comfort

Testing and verification

Control panel will be exercised, sensors will be calibrated, remote communication will be confirmed, alarms will be set and tested, and entire system will be commissioned

A complete installation and operations and maintenance manual will be provided to the client

Confirm system capabilities and functionalities


Occupant will be involved in the initial programming of the control, control set points, remote login, monitoring, and control adjustment, and educated on common settings and programming

Educate client on best use