5.3102.38 Full Commissioning

Hydronic Heating (Hot Water and Steam)
Equipment Installation
Desired Outcome: 
Control quality and optimize performance and safety
For supporting material, see Referenced Standards.
Commissioning team

When full commissioning is warranted, the commissioning team will be identified, and include commissioning agent, owner, property manager, contractor, engineer, architect, and building operations staff

Scope of commissioning will be confirmed

Roles and responsibilities will be identified

For individual residential or light commercial installations, documentation, owner education, and training will be in accordance with procedures in ANSI ANSI American National Standards Institute, www.ansi.org / ACCA ACCA Air Conditioning Contractors of America, www.acca.org Standard 5

Assign commissioning responsibilities

Design intent and approach

Owner's project requirements and basis of design will be reviewed with commissioning team

Site assessment will be reviewed and verified

Orient the installation contractor to the intent and design of the project

Orient the property manager to the intent and design of the project

Design review

Control sequence will be reviewed with manufacturer, installation contractor, and building operations staff

Work scope and design elements will be reviewed to include at a minimum:

  • Control sequence
  • Instrumentation
  • Coordination of controls and equipment

Ensure specified design is optimal for project


Submittals will be supplied to the commissioning team for review and approval

Ensure specified materials are included for the project

Pre-functional checklist

Checklist will be created and approved by commissioning agent

Checklist will be completed and submitted to commissioning team by installation contractor

Verify installation and startup

Functional test

Functional test procedure will be developed and approved

Functional testing will be performed by a contractor and witnessed by commissioning agent

Functional test will demonstrate sequence of control

Contractor will correct any failures and retest

Ensure equipment/materials are working together in proper sequence and coordination

Follow specified sequence of control


Operations and maintenance manual will be customized for project by installation contractor

Operations and maintenance manual will be submitted to commissioning agent for approval

Multiple copies of operations and maintenance manual will be provided to property manager

Commissioning process binder will be provided to property manager by commissioning agent

Provide documentation for optimal operation and maintenance of equipment


Contractor will be responsible for conducting/providing onsite education to the building operations staff on the operation and maintenance of the installed equipment

Building operations staff education will be witnessed by designated commissioning team members

Educate building operations staff to operate and maintain the system for optimal performance

Near end of warranty site visit

Inspection will occur (approximately 9 months after install or final equipment acceptance) before the warranty ends

Contractor will resolve any outstanding issues before warranty ends

Resolve equipment issues before warranty ends