5.3102.5 Installation of Outdoor Reset Boiler Controller (Hot Water)

Hydronic Heating (Hot Water and Steam)
Equipment Installation
Desired Outcome: 
Varied distribution loop temperatures match seasonal heating load
Determine location of outdoor sensor

Optimal outdoor sensor location will be determined by visual inspection of building exterior (e.g., north facing, shaded, away from heat sources and exhaust outlets, exposed to typical wind conditions, and in a secure location)

Determine optimal location for outdoor sensor

Determine location of distribution piping sensor

Presence of integral outdoor reset control in boiler control panel will be determined.

Indoor sensor will be located on distribution supply header

Determine optimal location for indoor sensor

Check for presence of asbestos-containing materials (ACMs)

Potential ACMs will be handled in accordance with SWS 2.0110.2 Potential Asbestos-Containing Materials

Ensure a safe work environment

Install sensors

Outdoor sensor will be installed in optimal location in accordance with manufacturer specifications

As necessary, indoor sensor will be installed on distribution supply header in accordance with manufacturer specifications

Presence and function of thermometers on supply and return headers will be verified; thermometers will be installed or replaced as necessary

Strap-on indoor sensors will be connected tightly to piping; piping and sensor will be reinsulated with new insulation to IECC IECC International Energy Conservation Code and ASHRAE ASHRAE American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers, www.ashrae.org 90.1, at a minimum

Immersion-type sensors will be provided with heat transfer grease between sensor and thermowell in accordance with manufacturer's instructions

Properly install sensors in optimal locations

Mount control panel

Control panels that are not part of the boiler will be mounted and wired in accordance with manufacturer specifications and protected from tampering by unauthorized personnel

Ensure proper code-compliant installation of control panel

Connect sensors

Sensors will be connected with wiring in accordance with manufacturer specifications and protected from friction and abrasion as they pass through building components

Properly connect sensors

Set up control panel

Control optimization will be followed in accordance with SWS 5.3104.4 Optimize Outdoor Reset Boiler Controller (Hot Water)

Optimize control