5.3103.11 Replacement of Tankless Coil for Domestic Hot Water Production

Hydronic Heating (Hot Water and Steam)
Piping (Distribution Installation)
Desired Outcome: 
Safe and efficient supply of domestic hot water
Coil assessment

Assessment will be conducted to determine whether alternative options for providing domestic hot water exist, such as:

  • Separate direct-fired unit (SWS 7.8102.4 Storage Tank-Type Water Heater)
  • Boiler with indirect water heater (SWS 5.3102.10 Installation of Combined Heat and Domestic Hot Water System (Hot Water))

Selected coil size will be verified for appropriate capacity by a contractor

Ensure optimal system is applied

Ensure domestic hot water load is met

Coil replacement

Selected coil will be of a higher efficiency/effectiveness

Contractor to ensure new coil passes pressure test before installation

Isolation valves will be installed for proper servicing

DHW DHW Domestic hot water mixing valve will be installed on the discharge side of the coil to regulate DHW DHW Domestic hot water supply water temperature

Gauges and insulation of associated piping will be installed and functioning

Increase efficiency

Ensure supply of safe domestic hot water by eliminating cross contamination

Ensure ease of access, operation and maintenance


DHW DHW Domestic hot water production, distribution system, and delivery temperature will be tested for proper and safe operation

Ensure system operates safely and efficiently

Control recalibration

If alternative, stand-alone DHW DHW Domestic hot water production system is selected, burner controls will be adjusted to address remaining heating load

Ensure heating system is optimized


Property manager will be educated on proper operation and maintenance of tankless coil

Maintain optimal performance