5.3104.2 Maintenance: Gas Boiler Service Inspection

Hydronic Heating (Hot Water and Steam)
Equipment Maintenance, Testing, and Repair
Desired Outcome: 
Boiler service improves safety, efficiency, and performance
The authority having jurisdiction may require that a licensed professional perform certain tasks outlined in this detail.
Visual inspection

The following conditions will be assessed by a licensed contractor:

  • Water, steam, and fuel leaks
  • Damaged or missing pipe insulation
  • Venting issues—draft and condensation (e.g., soot, rusting of flue pipe, burned paint or wires, efflorescence Efflorescence Deposits of crystals or salts left attached to masonry materials after moisture has evaporated off of the surface )
  • Corrosion (e.g., rust, mineral deposits)
  • General condition of components

Observe general conditions to determine needed repairs or maintenance

Appliance gas valve

When replacement is necessary, gas valve will be removed and replaced according to manufacturer specifications

Provide gas to burner when there is a call for heat

Control volume of gas for burner

Ensure the safe shut off of gas at the end of a call for heat

Ignition system

Components of ignition system will be repaired or replaced in accordance with manufacturer specifications

Do not allow flow of main burner gas without proof of ignition

Main gas burners

Problems that may interfere with flame (e.g., dust, debris, misalignment) will be cleaned, vacuumed, and adjusted

Produce combustion in a safe, clean, and efficient manner


Flue gases will be removed from the venting system in accordance with IRC IRC International Residential Code or per manufacturer specifications

Ensure the safety and durability of the venting system

Flue gas testing

Undiluted flue gases will be checked with a calibrated combustion analyzer in accordance with BPI BPI Building Performance Institute, www.bpi.org 1200 or other approved standard 

If combustion is not in compliance with the referenced standard, diagnostics and adjustments will be referred to a qualified technician to meet manufacturer specifications or local codes 

Confirm that combustion occurs safely with maximum efficiency

Combustion efficiency checks

Undiluted flue gases will be checked with a calibrated combustion analyzer in accordance with accepted protocol to determine if acceptable boiler efficiency is being maintained

If boilers are found to be out of compliance, a combustion analysis will be administered and minimum stack temperature will be in accordance with manufacturer specifications

Increase the operational efficiency of the system

Improve occupant comfort

Occupant health

All homes will have a carbon monoxide ( CO CO Carbon monoxide ) alarm

Ensure ambient CO CO Carbon monoxide does not exceed acceptable levels after completion of work

Occupant education

Occupants will be educated on the operation and maintenance of the carbon monoxide ( CO CO Carbon monoxide ) alarm

Completed work and recommended maintenance will be reviewed

Ensure occupant is informed of the safe and efficient operation and maintenance of the work performed