5.3104.8 Boiler Water Treatment

Hydronic Heating (Hot Water and Steam)
Equipment Maintenance, Testing, and Repair
Desired Outcome: 
Boiler and piping systems protected from scale and corrosion

For hydronic hot water and steam systems, testing frequency will match industry standards and manufacturer specifications

For hydronic hot water and steam systems, testing will be conducted at new installation and any modification/repair

The quality of the water will be tested for impurities in accordance with the boiler manufacturer specifications

Service and maintenance will be performed before treatment

In no case shall boiler treatment be added to a system that does not have proper backflow protection on the potable water source

Determine if chemical treatment is needed, and if applicable, the type of chemical treatment

Addition of chemicals

Chemicals will be added in accordance with manufacturer specifications for local conditions

Post-addition test will be performed to verify appropriate treatment was achieved

Ensure boiler water is within optimal quality

Ensure maximum efficiency and longevity


Pre- and post-treatment test results will be provided to property manager/occupant

Property manager or outside contractor will be responsible for testing and ongoing treatment and safe storage of chemicals

Verify water quality is maintained