6.6188.1 Removing Supply Vents from Garages

Special Considerations
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Desired Outcome: 
Safe removal of supply garage vents
Removal of supply/return in garage

Supply run feeding the register will be truncated as near to the supply plenum as possible

If directly connected to the plenum, it will be truncated at the plenum

If connected to a Y or T branch system, it will be truncated at the Y or T

Return grille located in garage will be removed in the same manner as supply

Minimize surface area of duct

Patching of the hole in the duct system created by removal

All holes in sheet metal ducts will be patched with sheet metal and secured with sufficient screws to hold the patch flat without gaps

Holes left in any Y or T will be capped with sheet metal caps and fastened with at least three screws

Ensure a secure and strong patch

Sealing of the patch

All patches will be sealed with mastic meeting UL UL Underwriters Laboratories 181M and in accordance with manufacturer specifications

Ensure an airtight patch

Removal of discarded ducts

All abandoned ductwork will be removed from work area

Provide a clean work site

Patching of the register hole in garage

Hole created by the removal of the register and boot will be patched and taped using material meeting local codes

Prevent a fire hazard

External static pressure testing

Units will be tested for external static pressure ( ESP ESP External static pressure ) before and after work

If there is a significant rise in ESP ESP External static pressure , air flow testing will be required

Ensure correct fan performance