7.8002.2 Entertainment, and Computer Systems and Components Replacement

Plug Load
Desired Outcome: 
Energy used for electronic entertainment and computers reduced while effective performance is maintained
For supporting material, see Referenced Standards.

Unit and electrical receptacle will meet requirements of NFPA NFPA National Fire Protection Association, www.nfpa.org 70 Article 442

Determine and ensure appropriate device and location


Category of equipment selected will meet occupant preferences and have the lowest available energy use (e.g., plasma vs. light-emitting diode)

Equipment will have a minimum energy-efficiency level of ENERGY STARĀ®

Equipment will be selected that does not have to be left on during nonuse periods for updates (e.g., gaming systems, set-top boxes)

Standby losses for system will be 1 watt or less

Reduce energy use

Ensure product safety

Ensure occupant satisfaction


Equipment will be installed in accordance with manufacturer specifications (e.g., air circulation) and meet all applicable codes

Any penetrations to the exterior of the home created by the installation of the equipment will be sealed

All energy-saving features will be enabled unless specifically directed otherwise by the occupant

Readily accessible means of disconnection (e.g., power strip, timer) will be provided for equipment that must be disconnected from the power source to avoid standby losses and whose performance will not be damaged by being disconnected

Ensure worker safety

Ensure occupant safety

Ensure continued savings

Achieve intended appliance function


Confirm equipment is operating in accordance with manufacturer specifications indicated in operation and maintenance manuals

Ensure occupant satisfaction

Ensure occupant safety


Equipment will be recycled or disposed of using EPA EPA U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, www.epa.gov Responsible Recycling (R2) initiative principles

Protect the environment

Reduce waste

Properly dispose of hazardous material

Prevent the reuse of inefficient components


All OSHA OSHA U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration, www.osha.gov standard practices will be followed

Ensure worker safety

Ensure occupant safety

Staff education

Warranty information, operation manuals, and installer contact information will be provided to the building operations staff

All equipment controls will be demonstrated to the building operations staff

Educate building operations staff about operation and maintenance of equipment

Ensure continued savings

Occupant education

Specific information on the proper maintenance of the equipment will be provided to the occupants

All equipment controls will be demonstrated to the occupants

Educate occupants about appliance and benefits

Ensure continued savings