7.8004.3 Clothes Dryer Replacement

Plug Load
Desired Outcome: 
Reduce energy and environmental impact for drying clothes
For supporting material, see Referenced Standards.

Unit and electrical receptacle will meet requirements of NFPA NFPA National Fire Protection Association, www.nfpa.org 70 Article 422

Determine and ensure appropriate device and location


Total energy use will be factored into the selection process if fuel switching is being considered

Dryer will be equipped with moisture sensor

Equipment will be selected with energy features that reduce both peak electric demand and absolute energy use

Standby losses for equipment will be 1 watt or less

Appliance will be covered by a minimum 1-year warranty

Reduce energy use

Avoid increasing total energy use (gas and electric) when fuel switching

Ensure product safety

Ensure occupant satisfaction


Appliance will be installed according to manufacturer specifications (e.g., leveling, plumbing connection, electrical connection, interior lighting) and meet all applicable codes

If existing venting does not meet the following criteria (as well as manufacturer specifications and applicable codes), new venting will be installed using the following specifications:

  • Appliance will be vented to the outdoors using rigid metal-to-metal venting
  • Venting design will meet standards for optimal venting, including demand control venting
  • Venting will not be constricted or blocked
  • Only clamps, not screws, will be used on vents
  • Pest screen will be installed at the termination
  • At least 3' of the vent closest to the exterior of the house will be insulated

Where applicable, appliance shall be accessible to the disabled, as required by the Federal Fair Housing Act and ICC ICC International Code Council A117.1; the appliance shall not reduce required maneuvering clearances in the kitchen to less than that permitted by the AHJ AHJ Authority having jurisdiction

If a combustion appliance is used, the building must pass a combustion appliance zone test upon completion of installation

Any penetrations to the exterior created by the installation of the appliance will be sealed

Ensure worker safety

Ensure occupant safety

Ensure continued savings

Achieve intended appliance function


Confirm appliance is operating in accordance with manufacturer specifications indicated in operation and maintenance manuals

Ensure occupant satisfaction

Ensure occupant safety


Appliances replaced by new units will be recycled or disposed of properly

Appliances infested with pests will be enclosed before moving

Protect the environment

Prevent the reuse of inefficient components


All OSHA OSHA U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration, www.osha.gov standard practices will be followed

Ensure worker safety

Ensure occupant safety

Staff education

Warranty information, operation manuals, and installer contact information will be provided to the building operations staff

All equipment controls will be demonstrated to the building operations staff

Educate building operations staff about operation and maintenance of equipment

Ensure continued savings

Occupant education

Specific information on the proper maintenance of the equipment will be provided to the occupants

All equipment controls and proper operation will be demonstrated to the occupants

Operators of clothes dryers will be provided with information on using the clothes dryers safely and effectively; this will include information on items that are prohibited to be placed in the clothes dryer (Refer to the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers recommendations)

Educate occupants about appliance and benefits

Ensure continued savings