El sitio web heredado de Especificaciones Normalizadas de trabajo de 2017 ya no estará disponible

In September 2022, the Standard Work Specifications (SWS) 2017 legacy website will be taken down and no longer available to the public. 

The 2017 version of the SWS is available to download for those who will need to access the specifications after this date. They are downloadable by housing type:

SWS 2017 Single Family (PDF) 
SWS 2017 Multifamily (PDF) 
SWS 2017 Manufactured (PDF) 

More details about the SWS 2017 website will be provided to users and the Weatherization Assistance Program network as the website's end-of-life date draws closer. Sign up for the Guidelines for Home Energy Professionals email list to ensure you receive updates about the SWS.

If you have any questions about the SWS, please contact NREL Workforce Guidelines.