Comment Deadline for 2018 Redline

The SWS were recently updated to SWS Version 2017 (SWS v.2017). This is the first major update to the SWS and reflects all adjudication efforts since its launch in 2014. The next content update to the SWS is SWS v.2020. In the interim however, the SWS will continue adjudication of submitted comments received prior to April 13, using a redline document. The 2018 SWS Redline will capture user-submitted feedback and edits and be displayed as “proposed changes” in the SWS. The redline documents are integral to maintaining the SWS and capturing users input.All new comments must be received by Friday, April 13, 2018, to be reviewed for the 2018 SWS Redline.All comments submitted after this date will be reviewed in next year’s redline document.More information on the comment adjudication process can be found on the SWS Maintenance page.