Installer Badges Toolkit

The Badges Toolkit for home retrofits consists of 25 “badges” based on the installation portion of the Crew Leader Job Task Analyses. Each badge defines a task or measure an installer could perform on a home.

The toolkit includes five pieces:

  • How To Use the Badges Toolkit provides a brief overview of how a grantee, subgrantee, or training provider may approach using the toolkit.
  • The worksheet/template includes several questions an entity would consider when determining whether and how to best incorporate the badges into its Weatherization Assistance Program.
  • In the spreadsheet, the badges align with the Job Task Analyses, indicating which badges address which areas of the Job Task Analyses.
  • The Passport features separate pages for each badge, which include places for the installer and the supervisor/trainer to record the number of times a task has been successfully completed.
  • The Badges Verification Criteria include sample inspection checklists for each badge. These can be modified as needed based on approved variance requests or more stringent requirements. They also should provide a basis for consistent inspections and awarding of badges.

Note: All elements of the Badges Toolkit are designed for use by potential program implementers. They are not “off the shelf” products intended for immediate deployment. Program implementers must review and modify as needed, revise verification criteria to match local requirements, complete worksheets, and otherwise define the parameters of their own badging program.

Toolkit Development Background

In fiscal year 2018, the National Renewable Energy Lab repopulated and convened the CL Scheme Committee to update the CL JTA.  The committee agreed it was best practice for crew leaders to know how to do the tasks listed in the Retrofit Installer Technician (RIT) JTA before supervising RITs. Therefore, the RIT JTA has been eliminated as a stand-alone JTA, and its tasks inserted into the CL JTA. To encourage greater flexibility in training of installers, the RIT JTA was used as the basis for the Badges Toolkit.


Download Toolkit

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