Life Safety Comment Update - March 2019

The SWS administrators conduct a periodic review of comments submitted to the SWS to identify comments that have a direct impact on life safety. These comments are considered through an expedited review process to ensure the life safety issue is mitigated as soon as possible. A life safety comment was identified during the most recent comment review period which triggered the life safety process. The specification and comment are as follows:

Title 2.0201.2.c CO detection and warning equipment
Specification CO detection or warning equipment will be installed outside of each separate sleeping area in the immediate vicinity of the bedrooms in accordance with ASHRAE 62.2 and authority having local jurisdiction
Comment The current text in this specification conflicts with 2.0301.2, which points to ASHRAE 62.2 and IRC requirements.

ASHRAE points to NFPA 720, which requires CO detection equipment be installed on all occupied floors, which is the most stringent of the standards pointed to. The SWS Executive Committee reviewed the comment above and proposed the following recommendation: •

  • 2.0201.2c completely removed from the SWS as it is not related to adding combustion air and is dictating measures to be installed.

The SWS was updated on March 7, 2019, to address the above comment. Users are encouraged to either submit a comment through the SWS site or submit messages through the Contact Us link.