Recirculation System Temperature Modulation Controls

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Water Heating
Distribution Components
Desired Outcome

Controls work properly and safely to provide water at desired temperature

SF Single Family Site-Built Housing
MH Manufactured Housing
MF Multifamily Housing


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Specification Objective

Verify that existing plumbing and electrical systems are adequate for the new installation

Verify adequacy of existing utilities

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Specification Objective

Install sensors and controls in accordance with manufacturer specifications and applicable code (e.g., NFPA 70)

Mount controls on a stable and sturdy surface

When controls are using low voltage, separate the low voltage and line voltage wiring

Install controls, sensors, wiring, and other components in a manner that does not expose occupants to hazardous conditions nor poses any unnecessary risk to the integrity of the installation

Safe, durable, and compliant controls

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Specification Objective

Clearly identify new controls with labels to identify purpose of control and its associated equipment ("this device controls boiler #2," etc.)

Log existing hot water supply set points

Remove decommissioned controls or label them as abandoned

Maintain the integrity of the hot water system and components

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Specification Objective

Permanently remove equipment from job site and recycle or dispose of removed equipment and refrigerant in accordance with local and federal law (e.g., EPA Section 608 of Clean Air Act of 1990)

Permanently decommission old equipment

Old equipment is permanently removed from service, protect the environment, and comply with regulation

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Specification Objective

Provide occupants/owners with user's manual, warranty information, installation instructions, installer contact information and a clear description/plan of the final configuration of sensors and controls

Manufacturer supplied information available to occupant

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