Exit Sign Replacement

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Plug Load
Desired Outcome

Safe, efficient, and compliant exit lighting replacement

SF Single Family Site-Built Housing
MH Manufactured Housing
MF Multifamily Housing


  • MF
Specification Objective

Select exit signs:

from the NEMA Premium Exit Sign List and that meet all applicable codes (UL 924, NFPA 70, and/or IBC and IFC, as appropriate)

that include battery-backups that can maintain the total load for a minimum period of 1-1/2 hours and indicate system failure with visual and audible alarm

that are able to be attached to the existing outlet box

that are rated for a maximum of 5 watts per illuminated side

with at least a 1-year warranty

Select efficient, reliable, and safe lighting improvements

  • MF
Specification Objective

De-energize circuit and lock out power before work begins

Locate and install fixture in accordance with NFPA 101 and NFPA 70

Safe, proper, and functioning installation

  • MF
Specification Objective

Permanently remove equipment from job site and recycle or dispose of removed equipment and refrigerant in accordance with local and federal law (e.g., EPA Section 608 of Clean Air Act of 1990)

Permanently decommission old equipment

Old equipment is permanently removed from service, protect the environment, and comply with regulation

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Specification Objective

Provide occupants/owners with user's manual, warranty information, installation instructions, and installer contact information

Manufacturer supplied information available to occupant

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